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Winter Hair Colors - The Perfect Hair Colors For Winter

Winter Hair Colors

How To Choose The Perfect Winter Hair Colors

The colors of the season are fast changing. A few months ago, you enjoy the bright colors of summer and the warm tones of spring. But with fall and winter coming, then you'll know that its time to go darker with your hues. This does not mean just with your clothes and your accessories but this also means that winter is the perfect time to change hair colors too.

You very well know that your hair is the perfect fashion statement right? You can rock it out or sleek it up just y playing with your hair. And naturally, the color of your hair will play an important role in achieving the perfect look this season. So how do you pick winter hair colors? Well, here are some simple tips:

Skin color

Winter hair colors are somewhat darker as compared to the other hair colors of the season. This is because women like to create drama and romance which simply goes well with winter. But still, you have to make sure that important factors are considered before deciding to go darker. Perhaps the first thing that you need to take notes is your skin tone. Check whether you have warm or cool skin tone by looking at the underside of your forearm. If your veins appear to be greenish in color, then you are classified as warm toned but if your veins are bluish, then you have cool skin tones.

Natural hair color

Of course, you don't want to make drastic changes in your look this season. The key to achieving the perfect winter hair colors is to simply play with your natural hair colors and enhance it.


Here are is a list of hair colors that you can choose from:

 * Brunette

If you are a natural brunette, then you are in luck because your hair color is already perfect for the dark colors of winter. Nevertheless, you can still do a lot to enhance it and make it look more apt for your skin color. For instance, your skin is warm toned, then what you can do is to go for a chocolate brown color with a few hazelnut or chestnut toned highlights. As for the cool skin tone, dark brown with coffee or cocoa highlights will be perfect.


 * Blonde

Now, the blondes are a bit tricky because you normally associate the yellow colors with summer. But you can still make it work during the cold season if you know the right winter hair colors. For the warm skin tone, you can go for colors like honey, milkshake, and golden blonde. Cool skin tones, can go for ash blonde or icy blonde hair colors.


 * Red

For the red heads, achieving the colors of winter is easy. If you have a warm skin tone, then you simply enhance your color by going with copper. But if you have a cool skin tone, then go get some purple, magenta, or even ruby red colors.



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