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10 Hair Coloring mistakes you never want to make

1. Don't change more than a couple of shades from your current hair color

Never go two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. For example if you want to turn yourself from a Blonde to Brunette its best to go gradual. Go first with medium shades of brown and not straight for dark red tones such as auburn or chestnut shades. Going for too dark a shade when your hair color is light is the most common mistake people who dye hair at home make. If you think what can go wrong. To give you a scary example suppose you missed a spot at the back of your head from a distance the blonde against the auburn hair color will look like a bald patch. Urgh! On the other end selecting a hair color that is too light compared your current hair color can result in making your hair look washed out.

Tip: If you are in doubt use semi-permanent color. You may think this is money down the drain but consider the alternative. To get a bad dye fixed will cost even more.

2. What you see is what you get - NOT

So you went to your local grocery store looked at the hair color aisle and selected the one you want. You saw row after row of hair color boxes with photos of beauties with impeccable hair colors. And now you know exactly how you want to look. Not so fast. Those beaties were done by professional hairdressers, then they were photographed by professional photographers. These photographs could have then gone through the hands of a Photoshop expert. And then the photo was qualified enough to sit on that box. Remember just because it look great on the box, does not mean it will make your hair exact same. Tip: Look at the swatches and see carefully what the before after effect will be.

3. I am cool or am I hot

Our skin has an undertone skin color which can be categorized as cool or warm. Our hair color need to match this undertone skin color. It will be mistake and result in unnatural looking hair color if you choose a color that doesn't match your skin undertone. You can determine your skin’s undertone color by looking at the veins in your wrist under sunlight or quartz lighting. If the vien color is blue, then you have a cool undertone. It is warm undertone if the color of your veins appear green. Usually women of color i.e. Black, Latino, Middle-Eastern and Asian, generally have a warm undertone.

4. Hot or not, you don't want 'Hot Roots'

When you apply hair color at home, you apply all color at the same time. This result in the heat from the head making the roots process faster than rest of the hair.

5. Don't get stuck in 'Dark Ends'

Mistake of Dark ends is difficult to correct and expensive. Dark ends are again the result of hair color applied on the entire head at the same time. Over time the hair end get darker. This is because unintensionally they recieve more applications. Also as ends are more porous than the rest of the hair they absorb more color.

6. Don't miss Spots

This is most common mistake difficult to avoid. When you use mirror to apply hair, it is difficult to see back of your head. How much ever carefull you are, you can leave some spots. As mentioned before if you are going from lighter to darker shade these spots can appear really bad.

7. Have I Damaged my hair

Yes that's again a mistake most do it yourself hair colourers commit. They are not able to figure out that their hair are getting damaged. To notice any damage or any problems in the hair early is important for proper recovery. But it needs a trained person to notice problems as lay person may even not know what problems to look for in the hair.

8. Bleach it right

Too much bleach can make your hair wrinkled and rough. If you leave the bleaching agent for too long, the chemicals in the bleach damages the hair follicle. It dissolves the moisture in the strand which results in damaged hair.

9. Clean it or not

Clean your hair before coloring it. It is a myth that color applied to dry, unwashed hair comes out beautifully. This is a big mistake. So shampoo your hair well although you shouldn't scrubb your scalp too much as it may sting after color application. You should skip the conditioner although as the hair should be free oily substances, otherwise color application may get patchy.

10. Don't apply on treated hair

Coloring the treated hair is another common mistake. For example you have got your hair straightened or permed then you should wait at least for six months before applying any hair dye.

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