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Red Hair Shades - Light Red Hair Color, Dark Red Hair Color

Red Hair Color Ideas

Glow In Shades Of Red Hair Color

Reasearch shows that natural red-heads are becoming extinct. That shouldn't stop you from getting this look with help of hair dyes. Shades of red hair color never fail to catch extra attention. Appeal of crimson hue is in its rarity itself. It gives the exotic look.

If you decide to be bold enough and want to color your hair red, there are a few shades of red you can choose from. Depending on your skin tone and eye color, here are a few popular shades of red that you can consider:

Light Red Hair Colors

light red hair color

For those who want a more subtle red-head look, light red hair color is a good choice. These lighter shade of red is not as attention grabbing, but still give you a trendy look.

Medium Red Hair Colors

medium red hair color

The medium shades of red adds more depth and sophistication to your appearance. It adds glow to your hair as well as creates movement to the hair cut.

Dark Red Hair Colors

For a more intense red, go dark! Dark red hair colors add amazing hue to your appereance which can

dark red hair color

change into different lights to create an elegant finish for your hair.

Bright Red Hair Colors

If you like to make a statement use this bright red hair color. You will be the center of attention with this bold color. Red is one of the few hair color choices that really make a bold impact.

Celebrity Red Hair Colors

 bright red hair color

It is time to pay attention when a celebrity changes their hair color to shades of red. Debra Messing (right) When a celebrity changes their hair color to red, or red tones are all the rage on the red carpet, then you know that it's a color trend worth paying attention to. Debra Messing (right) is the queen of dark red colors, while Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks (left) promotes fiery locks on the small screen. As for being the poster-child for bright red hair, it has to be Rihanna (middle) and her red hair color change!

celebrity red hair colors

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