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Red Hair Color Ideas

Range of red extends from rich coppery tones to deep ruby. Whatever your skin tone there is a right shade of 'Red' waiting for you somewhere. Having said that true reds look un-natural and are difficult to pull-off. hence choose a shade of red that can more be described as "coppery," "auburn," or "strawberry". Here are some redhead inspiration that should get you going.

Marianne IV by Charles Hildreth (hildreth) on 500px.com

For a subtle red-head look, light red hair color is a good choice.

*** by Nikita Zavgorodny (NikitaZavgorodny) on 500px.com

Another light red option is Auburn. Here you see light auburn or ginger hair color

Heartbeat by Josefine Jönsson (josefinejonsson) on 500px.com

Excellent contrast of rusty colored hair on pale skin tone.

Ida by Josefine Jönsson (josefinejonsson) on 500px.com

Reflection of light on the medium auburn hair gives extra lift.

Red by Anastasia Fursova (anastasiafursova) on 500px.com

Eye color giving an excellent contrast for this auburn shade.

You need a cool skin tone to pull off this darker shade of red.

Lucky L'Amour by Renee Robyn (ReneeRobynPhoto) on 500px.com

Being a redhead is much more than hair color only, your makeup should compliment your choice of shade.

Can't see anything by Polya Zhigalkina (Polyaray) on 500px.com

Deep copper shade or warm red. If you have warm skin tone you can pull of this color.

Beauty by Renee Robyn (ReneeRobynPhoto) on 500px.com

Intese red. This will suit only cool skinned people.

CIERA by Jeffrey S. Rease (GreatLight) on 500px.com

Golden reddish blonde or strawberry blonde. Color has red and golden tones.

Happiness by Alexey Quattro (Quattro) on 500px.com

Golden reddish blonde or strawberry blonde. Color has red and golden tones.

Julia by Natalia Melnikova (fotosmelnikova) on 500px.com

This deep copper shade has more orange than true red. This will look good on warm toned people.


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