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Ombre Hair Color

Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair color is fast becoming the hottest hair color trends of 2012. Having said that you may genuinely ask how you figure out a particular hair color is catching up. Most people look at the latest issues of the celebrity magazines or celebrity shows to watch out for what hair colors are the celebrities applying. But it isn’t a certainty that the hair color certain celebrity is wearing has caught up with the masses. So what are the masses after?

These days one scientific way of knowing what is getting popular is Google. Yes the search engine Google. More the people are searching about a term suggests its popularity. So here we lay the proof of the recent popularity of ombre hair style. The image on left is from google search trends as you can see compared to 2011, “ombre hair” term is searched 5 times more. Resting our case for ombre hair’s popularity let’s talk about ombre hair itself.

Literally ombre in French means shaded. It is usually half blonde and half brown in looks. It is darker at the roots of the hair but lighter at the tips. Sometimes this also termed as lazy hairstyle. This is because you don’t have to visit the salon regularly for the touch up rather it requires less care than other hair color.

It is the contrast in two hair colors applied that brings it to the notice and makes it different and unique from other hair colors. Most important aspect when applying ombre effect is that change from one color to the other should appear normal and not artificial.

Ombre hair color trend was popular last year. But the trend is continuing in 2012 too and actually at a faster rate. One reason for its popularity is that it is easy to carry on and gives your hair a new dimension. So, if you are wondering as to the kind of hair color you want this year then this certainly is good option.

As ombre affect can be achieved with different shades, you need to give some thought on which shades will suit you the most. This will surely depend upon your hair texture. It also matters how you want it to look depending upon your face structure and your personality as well.

Applying ombre Color

As the ombre effect is achieved using two color shades, you have to select the right hair shade for your tresses and the highlights. A lot of hair stylists prefer to color the highlights manually with hands to give it a more natural look although it may be time consuming. Using foils to do ombre hair may create lines of demarcation which will be clearly visible. Ombre hair color involves two step process. The base color has to be done first and then the highlights.

You can as well go for a soft ombre look of ombre, there are only a few highlights created while with the hard one, the highlights too becomes dark and more.

Go for it and you’ll love it It is a rage and latest trend in hairstyling in 2012.


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