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Non Permanent Hair Color

Non Permanent Hair Color

Achieve The Instant Look You Desire!

Non-permanent hair color is a less taxing option than coloring your hair permanently. Permanently coloring your hair can be a daring commitment. A too dark or a too light of a color can take weeks or even months to manage.

The probability of achieving the "best" look for your hair can be difficult and if the style you are looking for seems like a hard thing to do, then non-permanent hair color may just be the right one for you.

A non permanent hair style fades in two to thirty shampooing and does not leave any roots. And in time that you may want to change your hair color, you may always turn to a permanent color later on.

The prominent non-permanent hair colors are semi-permanent, demi permanent and temporary. Note that before using any types of non-permanent color, your hair should be in optimum health. Otherwise the hair color may damage the hair to the roots leading to more disasters.

The first type of non-permanent hair color, temporary is often used to create a dramatic appearance for a grand event. Most users buy temporary hair colors in vibrant shades. Plus, it is nonirritant and causes less damage.

Meanwhile semi permanents are the mildest among the three. It can change the shade and hue of your hair color to a darker tone. It washes out after eight shampoos.

But this may dull and darken your hair. It is better to provide your hair with a rest period before applying another hair color to avoid such things to happen.

The third one, the demi permanent can last for up to seven weeks. Unlike the previous two, it contains a slight amount of peroxide but this hair color may fail to lighten your hair.

This non-permanent hair color is preferable for people who want to cover sixty to eighty per cent of gray hairs. In using the said hair color, it creates a highlight effect to the hair.

It is a great option, just makes sure to pick the right brand and apply them carefully.


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