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Keratin Hair Treatment

Women have always wanted straight, soft and shiny hair. There are many types of straightening treatments, but most of them use harsh chemicals. Past few years keratin has become a very popular choice for hair straightening. Keratin's popularity results from it being safer and healthier straightening treatment.

Keratin in Hair


Keratin is natural naturally found protein in the hair, skin, and nails. Our hair and nails are made up of dead keratin cells. While follicles are formed when the cells are pushed down after they die. A protective shield is present around the hair shaft which is formed by the bonding of Keratin cells. Dry and frizzy look in the hair comes when these keratin cells are damaged. Damage usually occurs when heat is applied to the hair follicles by flat ironing or blow drying the hair.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is restorative and strengthening treatment. Everybody can benefit from application of keratin to their hair. But usually keratin treatments are used to cure curly, frizzy, dry, or damaged hair. Keratin application fills any cracks in the hair follicles and thickens keratin layer. With thicker keratin layer the hair looks healthier.

Use of Salon professionals will be recommended even though home keratin treatments are available. In keratin treatment a solution is applied to your hair and then a hot iron is used to seal in the proteins. This procedure repairs any damage to the hair follicles and gives the hair a shiny, smooth look.

The results of keratin-based treatments last about two to 2 1/2 months. Keratin treatments take about 90 minutes or longer, based on the length of your hair. The price also rises and falls with your hair's length, but averages around $300.

Types of Keratin Treatment


The difference in various keratin treatments result from level of keratin and the chemicals present otherwise they are all similar and work the same way. Keratin Complex by Coppola, Global Keratin Complex, and the Brazilian Keratin Complex are some of the popular treatments available in the market.


Because keratin is a protein and not a chemical, there are fewer risks in this treatment. Mostly keratin treatments are good for your hair and a lot safer than other treatments. There is still small possible of side effects because most keratin solutions are not 100% keratin. They include a small percentage of formaldehyde which helps the keratin to bond together around hair follicles. The more formaldehyde a keratin solution has, the stronger and more effective it is.

Although formaldehyde helps in keratin treatment but it is still a hazardous chemical. It is suspected to cause cancer, so overexposure should be limited. Formaldehyde is less than 2% in any keratin treatment. Due to formaldehyde the side effects of keratin treatments are itchy skin, sore throats, runny nose or irritated eyes.

Conclusion is if you have frizzy and overly curly hair and you want them shiny and straight then Keratin Treatment is just the thing for you.


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