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Hair coloring is one of the many beauty habits that women dwell into. It is a great way to instantly change their look but it also causes the hair to dry and damage it in the process. Hair dyes main ingredient is ammonia, which causes the hair fiber to open so that the hair dye and dye molecules will be absorbed more fully. Although this makes hair dyes more effective, the ingredient proves to be damaging. Not only does it have a pungent smell but it also irritates and causes the scalp to burn. Colorists and their customers are aware of this, however, some women are willing to go great lengths in the name of beauty. The question is if beauty is worth the price of the amount of damage it will cause? To answer for this, Hair color and Hair care manufacturer Professionnal has come up with an innovation in hair coloring, one that is as effective with the absence of ammonia. This innovative product is called Inoa Hair Color.


Innovation No Ammonia of INOA aims to make ammonia obsolete as a main ingredient and hair coloring. With the absence of the harmful chemical, the hair’s softness and natural shine can be maintained even after dyeing. INOA is definitely not the first to be introduced in the market. In fact, there are some hair dye products available in the market that claims to be ammonia free even though their effect is not as effective. The hair color is only semi permanent and the quality of color coverage is very low. These products contain mainly an ingredient called monoethanolamine orMEA. What happens is MEA opens the hair fiber in a gentler manner than ammonia would which in return, causes lesser damage to the hair. Many users and professional colorists however, who have had their hands on these products confess that hair coloring with MEA infused products is not as effective. The dye molecules may not be absorbed and may easily be washed away which results ultimately to poor color coverage. INOA on the other hand, has MEA among the other ingredients that make it an effective permanent hair color. The dye molecules of INOA and its effective absorbing ingredients are infused in the hair more effectively. This is because the dye molecules are attracted to water that is contained in the hair shaft making it penetrate the hair fiber more fully.

Professional hair colorists attest to the effectiveness of the product. And this is a definite must try for women who dyes their hair regularly.


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