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Hair color for your skin tone

Before you start looking at latest hair color ideas, it makes sense first to know if the latest trends will suit you. Best of hair color trends may be out of sync with our body tone and not look the same as on those glossy magazines. Most important factor that determines what hair color will suit you best is the tone of your skin. Actually not just hair color but anything you wear or your makeup should complement your skin tone. Hence it is very important that you first know the tone of your skin. Your skin tone can be either warm or cool. There are few who may have neutral skin tone. There are many different ways for you to find out your skin tone. Some are listed below. You can try a few methods and that should help you determine your skin tone. In general cool- toned people will look better in bright colors while browns and oranges will suit warm-toned people. Once you are sure about your skin tone then you can go ahead and select the best of hair color ideas that suit your skin tone.

Method 1: Most popular method is to look at the color of your veins. Veins in the wrist are most likely to be visible. If your veins look blue or purple you are more likely to have a cool skin tone. If they are greenish then your skin tone is probably warm.

Method 2: Hold a white cloth like shirt or towel to your face. Look in the mirror if your face gives a yellowish hue you are warm toned person and if it gives bluish hue then you are cool toned. Make sure you have wiped out any makeup before you try this method.

Method 3: Similarly you can try with silver or gold earrings. Stand in front of the mirror and try both silver and gold earrings. See which ones suit you more. If answer is silver you are cool toned otherwise warm toned.

Method 4: This is again stand in front of mirror method. This time hold a bright pink cloth to your face and then hold a bright orange colored cloth to your face. Find out which one makes you glow more. If it is pink you have cool toned skin and if orange then you have warm toned skin.

If you are the rare lucky one most of above methods will fail and you will look good in anything. if you glow equally in orange and pink shades and also both gold and silver look equally good and other methods as well are inconclusive then you are that lucky one, all colors will suit you.

Other than the methods applied above you can in general look at your skin traits.

Following are the traits of skin with cool tone:
  • skin burns easily
  • cheeks are rosy
  • Dark brown hue
  • Have cool bluish or reddish undertones beneath your eyes
  • Pale skin that almost appears as if it were softly translucent
  • Medium-pale or pale skin with a pinkish hue around your cheeks
  • skin is pale, freckled, ebony or ruddy
  • skin is pale with pink undertones or is dark brown or olive
  • Olive complexion

Similarly traits for warm toned skin are:
  • Skin gives golden glow when it tans and it tans easily.
  • flesh-tones are pale peach
  • Medium to dark brown with an orange or gold undertone
  • Pale with peach or gold undertones
  • Light brown with gold undertones
  • Skin is brown with faint undertones of pink or gold
  • Skin is warm golden with yellow undertones
  • Have lots of freckles or rosy flush
Here are some of the recommended hair colors for people with cool skin tone:
  • Light ash blonde
  • Coffee and mid level blonde
  • Aubergine, mahogany and burgandy reds
  • Blue/green dark browns or black
  • Blue-black
  • Deep coffee brown
  • Medium ash brown
  • Dishwater blonde
  • Sandy or beige blonde
  • Platinum blonde
  • Raven Blacks
  • Cool ash browns
  • Clean blue based reds
  • Fire-engine red shades for a dramatic look

These are some of the hair colors that may not suit cool skin tones people and hence should be avoided
  • Gold, bronze or warm red tones. These can give you a sallow look
  • Yellow based colors as your hair and skin will begin to blend making you look ill, washed out or it may exaggerate any yellowness in your skin

Following hair colors are popular recommendations for warm skinned tones:
  • Light honey blonde
  • Strawberry blonde
  • Golden mid-level blonde
  • Warm chocolate browns
  • Ginger or orange based reds
  • Dark browns with a hint of rust
  • Deep chocolate
  • Golden brown
  • Auburn
  • Dark Ash Blonde
  • Golden Blonde
  • Red and colors with orange highlights

These hair colors should be avoided by people with warm skin tones:
  • Violet, blue and white colors, which can wash out your natural coloring
  • Too much ash in your hair as this can make you look older, pale and drawn
Now go ahead and look for the hair color idea that will match best with your skin tone.


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