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Hair Color Guide - Be A Hair Coloring Genius With These Easy Steps

The time has come for you to accomplish the best hair style of the new millennium with this hair color guide. This article I’ve made simple for you to understand easily and become a hair style expert in the least possible time.

 There is a time when we all want to alter the hair color we are born with. But before you proceed with this instinct, read these hair color guide carefully as you would before engaging in any activity.

1. The hair color choice.

In selecting a hair hue, first pick the color that you want to come up to. Ending up with the incorrect hair color can be depressing and confidence deflating. Select for a basic hair color that you will use in a single shade. Settling on that basic shade will prompt your hair stylist to pick the colors that will blend with your basic hue.

2. The compatibility test.

Before applying any hair color, check to see if you fall under the warm or cool category. This is one of the basics of hair color guide.

  • Cool categories are people with eye colors of Black-Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, or Hazel brown.
    The hair colors under this category are blue black, platinum blonde and ash blonde. if you have dark brown, pale or bronze complexion then you are under this category.
  • warm category
    You are sure fire warm person if you have the eyes of golden brown, green or turquoise, the hair colored deep brown with red highlights, and a skin complexion of ruddy, peachy, brown or pink.

3. Check to see for the colors of your dresses.

Warm clothes are reds, yellow and orange. Cool ones are purple, blue and green. Knowing these colors lets you know what colors suit you the best. It’ll help in identifying whether you are warm or cool.

4. Prepare yourself.

Hair color guide says that the hair dyes can cause an irritating effect to the skin so wear a pair of gloves, a gown if possible and towels as well. Wearing a rag or a not s used cloth can be helpful so you can just throw it out if it gets attained too much. The towels come in handy to wipe off the stains that may drop in your nose, ears or lap. Wear another towel around your nape to filter unwanted droplets. Petroleum jelly is also a useful tool. Apply them around your hairline to avoid skin irritations.

 The days of your endless questions and ignorance about hair color guide is already over now that these simple tips can help make you the best looking person in town.

More details in this video:

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