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Hair color ideas for eye colors

If you have brown eyes then golden hair can create a perfect combination to make you look sweet and sexy. Here in this picture the pale skin tone with light brown eye color makes this shade even more vibrant.

golden hair for brown eyes

Pairing of green eyes with red hair is one of the most stunning color combinations. Green eyes are great contrast to red hair, whether the hair is straight or curly. Long, curly auburn ringlets bring out the emerald in green eyes. Also the silky smoothness of flowing strawberry strands can bring out the iridescence of green eyes. Moreover, green eyes and red hair are a rare combination, as green eyes and red hair are the least common eye and hair color.

green eyed redhead

Blonde is another hair color that complement green eyes. Blond hair makes green eyes appear translucent. In particular, Champagne blond brings out the gray tints found in green eyes.

green eyed blond

Blue eyes stand out with any shade of dark hair.

dark hair blue eyes

Honey brown hair color and hazel eyes forms a rare and intriguing combination.

brown hair hazel eyes

Green eyes go well for brunettes as well. Dark brown hair highlight the emerald tones in green eyes. Chestnut colored waves also give green eyes with jewel-like tones that have mesmerizing effect.

green eyed brunette


Dip dye

Technique of dip dyeing the hair is very simple. It is difficult to make a mistake. And in fact, the carelessness and imperfectness of the dip dye adds more charm to it.

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hair color chart

Hair Color Chart

Hair color chart is a good tool to compare different shades. Here we have compiled brown hair charts from different providers on one page so that you can compare them.

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skin tone

Your Skin Tone

Most important factor that determines what hair color will suit you best is the tone of your skin. Actually not just hair color but anything you wear or your makeup should complement your skin tone.

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