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DIY Linear Color

How You Can Do Linear Color And Other Funky Color Techniques At Home

At home head of hair colour is really a million-dollar company, but there are some services that at-home hair colour can't supply. These providers include new and funky techniques used by stylists to create custom designs and looks. But if you know how to do the methods, you are able to do them yourself without having getting to set foot in a salon. Listed here are just a couple of the latest salon color trends and how to do them yourself:


Slicing is most likely the simplest highlighting method for you personally to master in your own home. The look is very trendy and is identified by a couple of chunky highlights around the face or in the front with the hair. To use this technique on your hair, make 1, 2, or three horizontal partings across the top with the head. The partings shouldn't be thick and be spaced no much less than 1 inch apart.

Next, work your colour through the area of parted hair creating sure that you saturate the head of hair thoroughly. Failure to do so can result in uneven or splotchy color. Process in accordance to directions, rinse, shampoo and dry.


Tipping is a excellent colour technique to make use of if you've short or heavily textured hair. All you should do is mix up your selected colour according towards the directions. Next, use your fingers to utilize color to the last of the head of hair length. Use a comb dipped in color to add extra interest and color to chosen parts of your cut. The really best places to comb on color is in the bangs and top layers.


Linear colour was made famous by Christina Aguilera. Although Christina’s color was wild and contrasting, this technique can also be utilized in more subtle hues to produce classic appears. To complete linear color in your own home you will need two various hair colors using the exact same tonal values. The difference in colour can be as small like a shade or two or be drastic.

To begin the process of linear color, you very first need to create your partings. Begin at the occipital bone (one of the most prominent bone in the back with the skull) and begin a zigzag pattern from ear to ear. The zigzags should be narrow and deep. Pin the best part of the hair up onto the crown. Next, continue the zigzag parting around the perimeter of the head. Note: You should not possess a solid line of hair parted throughout the front of the encounter and hairline. The parting ought to leave only a few wisps of head of hair here and there free of charge.

Utilizing your darker colour, apply color towards the underneath section of hair and also the lower area of hair throughout the encounter. Utilize the lighter color to the entire upper area. Procedure in accordance to instructions.

As with all color methods, the partings are essential when attempting out these tricks for your self. So, pay additional attention for your partings. If they do not appear correct, do them more than before applying color.


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