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Clairol Semi Permanent Hair Color

Achieve The Look You Want With Clairol Semi Permanent Color

Clairol semi-permanent hair color, a classy hair color from one of the leading names in cosmetic history, Clairol has once again made it into the spot light with this semi permanent hair dye.

Semi or non permanent hair color is useful for fellows who are in the age of graying  hair and fading hues. But that should not be the cause of alarm or despair. Clairol semi permanent hair dye just might be the tool that will solve your grey hair problem.

As the hair strands go lighter and lighter in shade every year, using a permanent or temporary hair color can put your efforts in vain. Using a temporary one is for main reasons, costly. It washes out within one to three shampoos. While using a permanent hair dye will create uneven hair colors especially at the roots if the time comes that the hair shall grow again.

clairol semi permanent hair colorSemi permanent hair color envelopes the hair shaft but not penetrate it to the roots. it lasts for a duration of twenty to forty shampoos or more or less seven weeks.  The use of Clairol semi permanent hair color prevents the uneven hair color phenomenon as found among permanent hair color  users.  The Clairol semi permanent hair color is user-friendly as it contains no amount ammonia, minimal volumes of peroxide and a bonus weekly conditioner. Natural ingredients included are ginseng, aloe vera and chamomile.

The provided instructions in the box are easy to comprehend and the whole method is very simple as attested by former and current users. The solution makes a thick application which allows for easier promotion of the color to the hair and it lessens the messy aftermath to the hair, eyes or nose.

The stains it creates on the skin or to a cloth can be wiped off easily and there are no residues.

The scent also is nose-friendly as opposed to the products out there that reeks of ammonia it can even hurt the eyes. Clairol semi permanent hair color has this floral scent that smells nice for users. You dont have to wait for long while waiting for the results. The whole process takes about 20 minutes.

Clairol semi permanent hair color is a plus for people who want to relax during the process because of the absence of that burning feeling.

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