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Brown Hair Color

Brown hair color is one of the most demanded hair color. It makes for a warm and vibrant look which is versatile all through the year.

The brown color is too broad and probably has the largest number of shades in it. Generally deciding a hair dye is not easy and when the choice is so wide as in case of brown shades it becomes more so. If you choose your shade looking at glossy film magzines and thinking that shade will come out perfect on me, wait if not carefull, you can be in shock. Once applied the same shade that looked perfect in the photo can come out totally different on your head and result in a hair disaster story.

During hair color selection, there are factors that are needed to be considered for selecting the shade that will suit you.The skin tone, the cut, the hair color, the eye color and existing hair color plays a vital part in the hair color decision.

First and foremost determine if you fall in the cool or warm category. Our skin tone guide will help you in this. Your choice of make up and foundation for the skin and face should compliment your hair choice and not oppose it.

Cool categories are the ones with light to dark brown eyes and skin, grey eyes, dark blue or hazel white eyes. The natural hairs are medium to dark brown, blue black and white. If you fall under this, it is best to use cool brown, blonde particularly platinum to icy white. You should stray from yellow, gold or red.

The warm category, these include eyes with golden brown, green or gold. Natural hair colors are deep brown or gold, red or strawberry. You should avoid violet or purple, blue and ash which will oppose your color. Shades like dark brown, chestnuts, gold brown and auburn look the greatest for warm people.


look away by CMD Visuals (CMDVisuals) on 500px.com

Medium amber copper brown with bronze tones. It will be best suited to someone with warm toned skin, but probably not someone with cool toned or olive toned skin.

Deep sadness by Alexandra  Julia (LaManie) on 500px.com

Light brown with golden tones. Having golden tones this will suit warm tones people. Cool toned people should avoid it.

Verstrahlt by Malte Schumacher (Miime) on 500px.com

Light brown with beige tones will best suit people with olive tones skin.

Tango by Ron McKitrick (RonMcKitrick) on 500px.com

Use of two shades, combination of medium brown with light gives ombre hair style. This looks much natural with wavy hair.

Cold as ice by Alexandra  Julia (LaManie) on 500px.com

Light ash brown will look good on cool skin.

Untitled by Amsterdam Photographer (theothersite) on 500px.com

Medium dark brown with subtle tones of red. Most people can pull this off if the eyebrows are not too light.

Cynthia -7 by Jacques-Andre Dupont (JADUPONT) on 500px.com

Dark brown with neutral tones hence this will be universally flattering. But it may wash out people whose eyebrows are too light to pull off dark hair.

Let it Snow. by Mathilde Delhomme (Latwol) on 500px.com

Chestnut brown has subtle red tones, so it is best for you if you have warm toned skin. Wouldn't suit on cool toned people.

The Italian Opera Singer by Nathaniel Dodson (endyphoto) on 500px.com

Choclate dark brown looks great on people with olive tones to their skin. Darker shades of brown will not suit you if you have eyebrows and eyelashes lighter than dark brown.

Brown hair with purple tints in them. Curly hair further adds to the appeal.


janice auburn

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