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Auburn Hair Color

Auburn hair color often times is mistaken as the red color. But auburn and red are very much different. When picking out the best auburn hair color for yourself, take into consideration your tone of skin, cut and personality.

Auburn is a versatile tone and ranges from deep tone, to a lighter tone. Red and auburn share some common characteristics that goes into play during it's maintenance.

It's natural for anybody to hesitate when making a sudden color change. Many often we are used to see ourselves in our current hair color so much that we are reluctant to make such drastic change to a much darker shade. But if you really want to change your look and seek attention this season, color like auburn is perfect to take the plunge. If you still feel hesitant try to desensitize yourself. First change your hair color to a lighter tone of auburn. Once you get used to it step up gradually to darker shades.

Actually as the season changes it makes perfect sense to go from lighter shades in summer to darker shades during the winter. Keep in mind that darker colors like auburn may fade as time goes. These colors need regular maintenance. Specialty shampoos for maintenance and upkeeping of colored hair are readily available.

The match with the skin tone also is a vital element. Darker people however may use a lighter shade and a darker for fair toned people. Same goes with the cut and make up changes for a better match of the auburn hair color. For example a light blond person tends to wear a foundation using crimson make up for an appropriate look. But for auburn hair, a red foundation will make a person pinker like a flushed face effect.

Auburn Hair Color

Be carefull while applying make-ups. You need it to compliment your hair color. Certain make up effects take its toll on the auburn color as some may make the eyes either puffy or small so select a make up that will flaunt your assets. Auburn hair color works best during the cold winter season as it invites warmth and closer feel to you, so use them appropriately.

Tips for applying Auburn Hair Color

Want it permanent or semi

Auburn hair color and other shades of red has become a trend recently. Popularty of auburn shade also means now it is available more readily than before. You can get it as semi permanent or permanent dye. If yor are trying at home and haven't confidence in your skills try the semi-permanent first. You don't want to be in a nasty situation to fix a bad dye.

It can be messy

Applying any shades of red like auburn can be a messy affair. To be on the safe side cover your bathroom floor with snewspaper and have old towels at hand. Be careful not to spill dye on sink or tiles, and if you do wipe it up immediately. Rub vaseline around ears and hairline or you will get red skin which will not look good!

Leave the dye only for right time

You may be tempted to leave the dye for a bit longer as auburn hair dye shows up after some time. So be carefull. If you leave it longer it will turn out a lot darker than you expected and may not look flattering.

Rinsing it

You don't need to rinse an auburn dye long to get the water clear. This is usually the advise for other colors but a red shade may not show clear water even after many rinses. So its better to rinse until you get a paler color.

Maintaining Auburn Hair Color

Auburn or other shades closer tp red hair will run and fade quickly. These are the hardest color to keep in hair. They fade quite quickly compared to other colors. This means it requires a bit more maintenance. You should be ready for that when you commit yourself to dyeing your hair Auburn.

Color will leak every time you wash your hair, so be carefull with your towels and other clothes. Some semi-permanent dyes can even rub off on your pillows at first. With same reasoning your clothes can get stained if you go out in rain, first few days after application.


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