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Getting the new ideas when it comes to hair coloring is not a simple task. Most people just pick up a magazine and look at the latest photos of celebrities. But that excercise is filled with flaws. The hair colour that may look perfect on the celebrity in picture may not look the same on you. From those hair color photos you can get the inspiration but not the whole picture. Keep in mind you are a unique individual and hence you have to find out that unique shade that will bring the best out of you. On these pages we will help you discover that unique shade.

Hair color ideas

Your color analysis of yourself should always start by identifying the shade of your natural hair. You are safer when you go a few levels up or down your natural shade. Next step is then to take into consideration your skin tone. This will help you chose the warm or cold category of colors. Finally other factors such as the color of your eyes and your facial features and your hair cut should compliment your choice of hair dye. Hair stylists at your local salon can help but it is not as difficult as you may think.

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Hair highlighting tips

Secret for natural looking highlights is placement. Ruler-straight and evenly spaced streaks are not possible naturally from the sun so don't color your highlights this way.

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hair color for eyes

Hair color and eye color Ideas

Along with the tone of your skin the other factor that should decide your choice of hair color is your eye color. Here we provide some of hair and eye color combinations that compliment each other very well.

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Dip dye

Technique of dip dyeing the hair is very simple. It is difficult to make a mistake. And in fact, the carelessness and imperfectness of the dip dye adds more charm to it.

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Color Ideas
Brown Hair

Brown Hair Ideas

Brown hair color is one of the most demanded hair color. It makes for a warm and vibrant look which is versatile all through the year.

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try picture

Try on your picture

The HairStyler offers a great way for you to see yourself in any new hair color you want to try. With this tool try and visualize the new shade on your picture first.

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red hair

Red Hair Ideas

Range of red extends from rich coppery tones to deep ruby. Whatever your skin tone there is a right shade of 'Red' waiting for you somewhere.

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blonde hair

Blonde Shades

The range of shades available in blonde is very varied. Ranging from light yellow to dark bold blonde, you have a very wide choice. This article will help you grab the best blonde hue for your hairstyle.

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hair color chart

Hair Color Chart

Hair color chart is a good tool to compare different shades. Here we have compiled brown hair charts from different providers on one page so that you can compare them.

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Avoid these mistakes

Hair color mistakes can be disastrous and may cost you twice or thrice the amount of money you spent originally on the new hair color. As always prevention is better than cure.

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All About Hair Colors

Start with our quick guide to all you need to know about Hair Colors. With all these available products and available coloring techniques there are a lot of questions that arise in the mind of a new starter.

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skin tone

Your Skin Tone

Most important factor that determines what hair color will suit you best is the tone of your skin. Actually not just hair color but anything you wear or your makeup should complement your skin tone.

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Color Ideas

Hair coloring does not deal alone with the term "color". It’s all about the proper combination of hues, shades and asset-emphasizing cuts that will deliver your vibrant color.

As the season changes, so does the styles preferred by women. Like a painter, you've got to have an idea before you set a pen to the canvas. The best of the ideas present itselves naturally. To start assess your hairstrands in front of the mirror. You will notice your hair just doen't have one monotonous shade of color but they have different tones and hues. What you are seeing is the natural color of the hair as determined by your genes. Now to achieve a good shade your new color needs to mimic these natural combinations. If you remain close to your natural shade it will be easier and will look natural on you as well.

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